Production Efficiencies

How can Inventory Loop Help your Production Team?

We all know time is money. When you are able eliminate hours of wasted labor looking for misplaced inventory and redundant cycle counts, the software pays for itself. The ability to track material that has been pulled or cut in real time is key to having reliable inventory data.


Confirm Material Being Pulled

As material is pulled to the production floor, you can confirm it is the correct piece allocated for the job by simply scanning the barcode. This gives your team a chance to catch any potential mistakes and resolve them before moving to the saw. 

Moraware Inventory Barcode Scan Movements

Verify Material Cut

With Inventory Loop you can confirm the material your saw operator cut was actually allocated for that job. By having the saw operator log the serial numbers or save barcode stickers a verification process can be implemented. This will reduce errors and keep your inventory accurate.

Moraware Inventory Cycle Count

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